Points of Emphasis

Within the congregations of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, you will find a remarkable unity in terms of what we believe and how we worship. You will find that this unity grows out of a shared conviction about who God is, how He reveals himself, and how we may most appropriately respond in worship.

Our worship seeks to express joy and reverence, reflecting our gathering as a covenant people into the Throne Room of the Father, through the merits of the Son, suffused with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our singing reflects our taking part in the church of all ages. It includes Psalms and hymns from throughout the church’s history.

Our order of worship is “dialogical” in that it reflects the covenant conversation of God speaking to us and our joyful and obedient response.

We believe in expository preaching, and are currently in a series on the Gospel according to John. For sample sermons, please visit our audio sermon page.

Gathered as the covenant family, we encourage all age groups to join in worship.

The Lord’s Day is the “Queen of Days” and we strive to take delight in the rest that God has granted to us in Christ Jesus. May our Lord’s Days be stepping stones that take us through this world to our eternal home!