Our Sister Churches

“Presbyterian” is more than simply a tough word for spelling competitions! It’s an up-front statement of what we believe the Bible teaches about the most biblically consistent government for Jesus Christ’s church. This is not a matter of salvation or even determining grounds of fellowship, but it lets you know who we are, and how we operate.

Presbyterian is simply the English form of the Greek word for “Elder” found in the New Testament.

As a congregation, we are governed by Ruling and Teaching Elders (our “session”). We join together with other like-minded sister churches to form “Presbyteries” (we are part of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic), and our Presbyteries join together to form our denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

This offers the individual church member the assurance that our Teaching and Ruling Elders will hold to the same beliefs as others in the denomination and also gives each member of the congregation the opportunity of a “court of appeals” process through the local church session, then the presbytery, then the General Assembly of the denomination. All of our meetings are normally open to anyone who would like to observe.

This also gives us opportunity to work together in Gospel outreach, through both Foreign and Home Missions works. Pooled congregational resources allow our church’s witness and impact to be multiplied many times over through our Worldwide Outreach.

You can learn more about the Orthodox Presbyterian Church here.